The Magical Boy F-Ram!   













I did not design the adds but had to modify most of them to fit the 4:3 ratio. This is more of a show case of my ability to work with other peoples files.






I did not do any of the interier decorating but almost every printed object was designed by me.






Cave Story Comic   

Mr.Puffs Mascot   

Vector drawing



Cave Story Characters   


Broken Saints Background   

I was hired to do some background paintings for Broken Saints

Self Potrait   




During Night Time   

The owl would wake up during the night hours.

During Day Time   

Webpage would slowly fade to darker colors during the day.



Flash Intro   







Invitation to 27th Laser Quest & Beer Birthday Party   

The girls are just my girl friend duplicated for effect. A throw back to old sci-fi movie posters.